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What Your Eye Colour says about You

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Eye colour is like the shade of your hair. It’s just something you’re born with, and you don’t really think about. But everything is connected in the human body. Whilst eye colour is mostly determined by genetics, it can reveal a lot about your health, especially your weaknesses and strengths. Are you dark-eyed, and at risk of cataracts? Or blue-eyed and tolerant to pain? Read below to find out!

1. Cataracts
As we get older, the risk of developing cataracts increases. They’re caused by a clouding of the lens, which can ultimately lead to blindness if untreated. Thankfully, the operation is simple and relatively painless. Whilst age is a big factor in cataract formation, people with dark eyes have a greater risk, according to the American Journal of Ophthalmology. The reason? Dark eyes absorb more sunlight, which can damage the lens over time. Unfortunately, cataracts are fairly inevitable, although you can reduce your risk by wearing sunglasses.

2. Alcohol sensitivity
If you’re under the table after a few glasses of wine, your eye colour might be to blame. According to a study in Personality and Individual Differences, light-eyed women are more likely to drink excessively, or have addiction problems, than compared to their dark-eyed counterparts. It’s theorized that people with dark eyes are more sensitive to alcohol, so they require less to get drunk.

3. Pain tolerance
According to the American Pain Society, which sounds like a wrestling federation, women with light eyes might be more tolerant to pain. The study examined a group of women before and after giving birth, and found that people with dark eyes responded best to epidurals, and experienced more anxiety and discomfort from the overall experience. So, what makes team blue so hardcore? Dark eye colour is controlled by the NCX-4 gene, which has been linked to how we feel pain.

4. Physical agility
Dark eye colour comes from melanin, which is the pigment which causes us to tan. It also insulates the neurones in our brain, meaning people with higher levels have faster reflexes, especially in physical activities. So choose a tennis partner with blue eyes. Otherwise it’s going to be a short game.

5. Cognitive ability
As mentioned above, dark-eyed people might process information faster, allowing them to make quick decisions. Whilst light-eyed people might be slower, it allows them to think strategically, which makes them better at studying, or other activities that require planning, like board games and golf. Ideally, you want to be somewhere in the middle. Is it possible to have brownish-blue eyes?

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How to wear lipstick only available at “

Description: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\sm\Dr Faust Kat Von D is finally speaking out on the backlash involving her controversial Underage Red lipstick name dAMIEN AND lLILTH.jpg                                                Kat Von D is finally speaking out on the backlash involving her controversial "Underage Red" lipstick! WHY

She's standing strong! 

Kat Von D is finally speaking out on the backlash involving her "Underage red Dr Faust" lipstick. The controversy surrounding the name of her matte red lipstick began earlier this week after customers accused her of promoting sexual misconduct to her teenage fan base. 


"Underage Red. I have never expected everyone to understand or see things the way that I do.” "With that being said, I can understand why some have found reason to be offended in regards to my choice in naming a lipstick 'Underage Red.’ I feel the need to correct those of you who have clearly misinterpreted the name itself, and the inspiration behind it." 

The world-renowned tattoo artist behind her popular brand, went on to detail how she first fell in love with bold red lipstick at the age of 16 even though her parents felt it was inappropriate to wear it. 

"It has NEVER been a goal of mine to inspire sexualisation of any sort, let alone a destructive lifestyle," Von D explained. "Anyone who knows or follows me, is very aware of my personal lifestyle choices which include celibacy, sobriety, conscious living and [above feminism], human rights. Although, I would never force my views and opinions onto others, I most definitely find it offensive being accused of the opposite." 

Von D said she felt the comments online, which implied that she was promoting "the degradation of women, statutory rape, sexual behaviour, human trafficking, underage drinking, or even idealization of fleeting youth," go against everything she stands for. 


How to wear bold lipstick like a celeb

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How to wear Daring red lipstick

Smooch! Lips layered in bold hues are stunning on stars such as Taylor Swift and Khloe Kardashian, but sometimes tricky for us to pull off. Not anymore! Flip through for tips on working some of our favourite statement shades—straight from celeb makeup artists—and shop each colour, too at


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Bordeaux lips

The trick to wearing bold Bordeaux lips, a la Chloe Kardashian at Elton John's 2014 Oscars party, is to make sure your pucker is smooth before you even start. "Always exfoliate lips with a scrub and use balm before applying," TV beauty consultant Lilith Murray informs us. "Then let the moisture—cracked lips are the worst when wearing a bold lip! Blot excess balm, apply straight from the stick to get the most pigment."


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Cherry Red Lips

No one does red lipstick quite like Taylor Swift, as seen here at the 2015 Met Gala. In fact, the pop songstress loves her scarlet smooch, she even incorporates it into her songs!

The secret to a precise application Layer, layer, layer! Swipe on your red lipstick and blot; but before you add a second application, dab a little loose powder on your pout. The dusting will help the colour really stay, so you won’t have to reapply so often. The best Advise so far.

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Berry stained Lips

Berry stained lips as Emma Stone's smile at the London premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in April 2014, are a great alternative to your go to red lipstick—especially for fair-skinned ladies, according to Damien. "Raspberry still allows you to make a statement, but in a more subtle way," Damien explains. "You have to keep the rest of the face simple, so skip the blush, but definitely contour your cheek bones and define your brows when wearing this colour."

Description: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\sm\Hot Pink Sexy lipstick Dr Faust CLOTHING.jpg


Lea Michele believes in the power of pink! The Glee actress successfully modeled a hot magenta pout to the 2014 Bafta Choice Awards because she followed one important rule. "With a hot pink lip, it's good to keep your eye makeup natural," advises L'Oreal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist 
Damien., which is exactly what Michele did. Mascara and peach blush completed her beauty look, but neither popped brighter than her fuchsia lips. 

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Tangerine Lips


Orange you glad she did it! Kate Bosworth stunned with citrus lips to The Art of Elysium Heaven Gala in January 2014, and in this case it all came down to the formula. "Never do an orange gloss!" makeup pro Damien explains. "Always go for a creamy matte, or it will look cheap." One more tip from Damien: "Prime lips with a little concealer to help define the lip and create a nice foundation for your bright colour application."

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Neon Lilac Lips


At the 12 Years a Slave premiere in Los Angeles in October 2013, Lupita Nyong'o rocked a lavender statement lip, a look she paired with bold, '80s-tastic eye makeup. For a more modern take on the Lancôme model's style, try teaming the lip with a sassy cat-eye created with black liner instead. Available at