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What Your Eye Colour says about You

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Eye colour is like the shade of your hair. It’s just something you’re born with, and you don’t really think about. But everything is connected in the human body. Whilst eye colour is mostly determined by genetics, it can reveal a lot about your health, especially your weaknesses and strengths. Are you dark-eyed, and at risk of cataracts? Or blue-eyed and tolerant to pain? Read below to find out!

1. Cataracts
As we get older, the risk of developing cataracts increases. They’re caused by a clouding of the lens, which can ultimately lead to blindness if untreated. Thankfully, the operation is simple and relatively painless. Whilst age is a big factor in cataract formation, people with dark eyes have a greater risk, according to the American Journal of Ophthalmology. The reason? Dark eyes absorb more sunlight, which can damage the lens over time. Unfortunately, cataracts are fairly inevitable, although you can reduce your risk by wearing sunglasses.

2. Alcohol sensitivity
If you’re under the table after a few glasses of wine, your eye colour might be to blame. According to a study in Personality and Individual Differences, light-eyed women are more likely to drink excessively, or have addiction problems, than compared to their dark-eyed counterparts. It’s theorized that people with dark eyes are more sensitive to alcohol, so they require less to get drunk.

3. Pain tolerance
According to the American Pain Society, which sounds like a wrestling federation, women with light eyes might be more tolerant to pain. The study examined a group of women before and after giving birth, and found that people with dark eyes responded best to epidurals, and experienced more anxiety and discomfort from the overall experience. So, what makes team blue so hardcore? Dark eye colour is controlled by the NCX-4 gene, which has been linked to how we feel pain.

4. Physical agility
Dark eye colour comes from melanin, which is the pigment which causes us to tan. It also insulates the neurones in our brain, meaning people with higher levels have faster reflexes, especially in physical activities. So choose a tennis partner with blue eyes. Otherwise it’s going to be a short game.

5. Cognitive ability
As mentioned above, dark-eyed people might process information faster, allowing them to make quick decisions. Whilst light-eyed people might be slower, it allows them to think strategically, which makes them better at studying, or other activities that require planning, like board games and golf. Ideally, you want to be somewhere in the middle. Is it possible to have brownish-blue eyes?

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Dr Faust's Audrey Hepburn Beauty Secrets For a Million Dollar Look


When asked to share her beauty secrets, Audrey Hepburn responded with,“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness, for lovely eyes, seek out the good in people…” These words illustrate her kind, humanitarian spirit and the fact that she really didn’t think she was particularly beautiful at all.

Humility was part of Audrey’s beauty for sure but there is still no denying those delicate, elfin features, the striking eyes, remarkable bone structure and almost androgynous style that made her so uniquely beautiful and certainly not the typical Hollywood beauty.

Of course, the majority of us aren’t fortunate enough to look like Miss Hepburn, but we can create her effortlessly chic look by using some of her tried and tested beauty techniques. Here are 9 simple beauty secrets to set you on your way to looking a little more Audrey-esque.

#1 Steam Facial Routine

Audrey’s skin was always beautifully clear and oh so radiant. Although this is undeniably largely down to genetics, Audrey also swore by a steam facial twice a week.

Simply stand over a bowl of boiling water with a towel over your head to trap the vapour for 2 minutes. The steam will enhance your circulation, loosen the dirt in your pores and remove toxins from the skin, too. Not only does this give your skin a detox, but it’s a fabulous way of kick starting the anti-ageing process without the need for expensive creams!

#2 Fresh Air

When asked about her beauty routine, Audrey said, “I love to walk, so I do get lots of air… lots and lots of oxygen.” We’re not sure whether fresh air really has anything to do with her fabulous complexion, but if Audrey says so then I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate a little more time outside in to our daily routines just in case!

#3 Lightly Does It

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Audrey wore very little foundation, relying instead on the quality of her natural skin to achieve the fresh-faced look she’s known for. That being said, her skin still always looked positively luminous! To recreate Audrey’s skin, opt for a lightweight foundation and only conceal where needed to avoid looking too made up.  Alternatively, you can just wear a BB cream with a touch of highlighter on your cheek and brow bones for a little glow.

Fun fact: Did you know that Audrey’s makeup artist Wally Westmore used a very light foundation to make Audrey’s face look fuller on screen? Apparently Audrey’s large eyes often came across as too intense on camera and the lighter shade helped to balance them out. It seems porcelain skin really is the way forward ladies!

#4 Forego Thick Powder

It may be tempting to go overboard with the powder brush in an attempt to imitate Audrey’s beautifully matte complexion. However, it’s actually been said that Audrey purposely wore little powder so her white skin would positively dazzle on screen. Don’t worry if your skin is less ‘dazzling’ and more ‘oily,’ just apply a very light dusting of loose powder but use restraint and avoid the cakey look at all costs!

#5 Subtle Shades

You’d never see Audrey with a face full of bronzer or stark eyeshadow on her lids; after all, neon blue isn’t exactly elegant is it? Audrey was rather all about subtlety, choosing to opt for neutral colours on the cheeks and eyes.

So, for a natural flush, use a soft pink blush on your cheeks, taking it right from the top of the cheekbone downwards.

Stick with muted eyeshadow colours, too – think pastels and beiges – to keep the look demure.  You can still accentuate your eyes by applying soft browns and greys in the creases though – just approach it with a delicate hand.

#6 Famous Bold Brows

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Audrey is particularly famous for her thick, dark and angular eyebrows so channel your inner Audrey and give your brows some serious attention. Fill them in with a charcoal brown brow powder using an angled brush, bringing it to a point at the top to create the Audrey-esque arch. Set them with a good brow gel like Mac’s Brow Set.

#7 Doe Eyes

Audrey’s beautiful, large doe eyes were undeniably her greatest feature. Lucky for us, there are numerous tricks we can use to imitate them!

Black liquid liner was simply applied close to Audrey’s upper lashes and elegantly flicked out at the outer corners. If you want to attempt this then be sure to keep the liner thin in the inner corner and steadily increase the thickness as you move outward.

Try lightly blending a little grey eyeshadow just beneath your bottom lashes and applying a flesh-toned eye pencil to the bottom waterline to add to the doe-eyed effect.

#8 All About Those Lashes!


Makeup artist Alberto Rossi famously used to separate each of Audrey’s lashes with a pin to give her those voluminous feathery looking flutterers we all envy. Obviously, this took a long time so thankfully we can dodge this painstaking step and apply volumising or lengthening mascaras instead! False lashes are also an easy way to create beautifully full looking lashes, so choose a set that takes your fancy.

#9 Lip Tricks

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Back in the ‘50s, fuller lips were all the rage – so much so that even fresh-faced Miss Hepburn applied lipliner beyond her natural lip line to give the appearance of a fuller mouth! A wider mouth was also created by extending the liner outward on the upper lip so it appeared wider than the bottom. The art of illusion indeed!

You may not want to go as far as drawing yourself a new full mouth but you can certainly add a little highlighter to your Cupid’s bow to make your lips appear larger. You can also add a touch of gloss to the centre of your lips for the same effect, though it has to be said that Audrey always favoured matte lipsticks for a classier look.

It really is no wonder Audrey Hepburn beats stars like Angelina Jolie in modern day beauty polls; she’s a true timeless beauty, admired to this very day for her classic look. We hope these 9 Audrey Hepburn beauty secrets will help you become modern day Audrey’s!